This wiki does not support or endorse the use of profane language, spamming and advertising as well as discrimination of any kind.

Please also use correct language and terminology, don't use acronyms or slang such as lol, etc.

Be impartial: a wiki's purpose is to be a source of information and knowledge. Please refrain from voicing your opinions of games, etc on pages. If need be, this can be done on one's blog. This also includes the use of 'I' , 'me' or 'my'.

Do not plagerize

If you find an external source of information that clearly expresses information, do not hesitate to use it! However, remember to cite your references accordingly.

Always check to see if the page already exists

When creating pages, please ensure whether the page has already been created elsewhere on the site. Adding multiple pages of similar content creates confusion.

Breaching these Rules

If a user is found to have broken the above rules and guidlines the following punishments will apply:

  • 1st Breach - user warned and banned for one week
  • 2nd Breach - if the user is found to have breached these rules again, the user is banned for one month
  • 3rd Breach - if rules breached for the third time, the user is banned indefinitely without prior consultation. Account creation is disabled and the user is unable to discuss the blocking on blogs or his/her message wall

Remember that a wiki's purpose is to be a source of information and knowledge. Many people spend their time and effort to help edit and maintain this site. Do not ruin this experience for others. If you believe that you may be harming the experience of other users, you probably are!