As we near the launch of Year Walk, I thought it would be a good idea to take a look back on Year Walk's mysteries and teasers. Here is a list of the most significant teasers and finds that the general public have discovered.



They first began teasing us with the generally overlooked "Bumpy Road + Clear" blog post.. Simogo's weird task list did spark our suspicion, but it was generally received as another show of Simogo's warped sense of humour. And oh boy, we were so wrong.


In a Simogo first, a new author mysteriously appeared in the Simogo blog scene, Esroh. He (or she) began to quietly take over the usual duties of Simon, creating very cryptic posts in the form of anagrams and that mysterious QR horse thingamabob. Was 'Esroh' in fact the third secret Simogian or backwards for horse?



Those dirt-covered hands sure did spark some hype. And yet we had no idea what we were hyping up about. Until, that is, was launched. The site contained a number of animated gifs of the Swedish landscape and an animated 'Lake Wary' header. Day by day, another letter in 'Lake Wary' began to flash until all letters were flashed in an order that spelled 'Year Walk'.


After 7 months since the first teaser, Year Walk was finally announced to the public, with interested onlookers eager to find out more about 'the next big Simogo thing'. A trailer was posted on Youtube and Year Walk was officially framed on Simogo's game page. And we thought the mysteries were over.


Another trailer and greeting card were posted, giving us further clues to Year Walk's actual feel and gameplay. Through thorough investigation of each frame in the greetings card, "vedtorp" was discovered, thanks to the Year Walk Decoders Club, along with the url During this time it was found that Year Walk may actually consist of two apps, with the second possibly relating to the Vedtorp site. And Year Walk was nominated for an IGF award!

Recent tweets from Simogo indicate that development of Year Walk has completed and I'm sure you are, as I am, eagerly awaiting the release of the next big Simogo thing.