The main reason I wanted to create this blog post was to address the recent inactivity on the wiki.

It is with great regret that I announce that the wiki will be put on another hiatus until further notice. This also includes our twitter handle.

Unfortunately we have been unable to get more contributors onto this site since beginning in 2012. Being the only contributor on this wiki it has involved many sacrifices; and now as the pressures of my day-to-day life increase, I have begun to sacrifice the time spent involved in the wiki.

It has been a difficult journey since starting as a small (and still small) wiki and I thank the support of all the individuals that have provided us with a reason to continue to run this fan base.

My original intention in creating this wiki was to spread the word of a small and little known developer in Sweden making large and beautiful games to the world. My first love was Bumpy Road, an emotional love story set on four wheels, which inspired me to discover more about the developer. What struck me during this process was the large number of prototypes that were created and rejected by the developer and the year-long development cycle of a single game created largely by two people with a big vision. Up until now I still consider Simogo true indies - self-funding their own games, creating innovative games that reject common ideals, and a small team putting lots of love into their titles.

Although the journey has been a bumpy one, it has given me immense pleasure in getting to know the small gaming scene outside the bigger juggernauts. Simogo was one of these smaller developers that I discovered and instantly fell in love with.

This blog post may sound like the formal close of the wiki but as I said it is a hiatus and as some of you may know the wiki has had plenty of hiatuses in the past so hopefully this isn't farewell.


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