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    July 14, 2015 by Ease96

    Wow it's been 2 years already! Time flies when you're not having fun.

    After a bit more than two years to the day, we are finally back at it! I've been really busy finishing off the last gnarly bits of school these last two years and am halfway through uni! Since I've got so much time off right now I thought it might be nice to come back to my little baby and add some stuff to it!

    Over the coming days I'll be adding a few new pages and updating some old ones. 

    Feels great to be back!


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  • Ease96

    The main reason I wanted to create this blog post was to address the recent inactivity on the wiki.

    It is with great regret that I announce that the wiki will be put on another hiatus until further notice. This also includes our twitter handle.

    Unfortunately we have been unable to get more contributors onto this site since beginning in 2012. Being the only contributor on this wiki it has involved many sacrifices; and now as the pressures of my day-to-day life increase, I have begun to sacrifice the time spent involved in the wiki.

    It has been a difficult journey since starting as a small (and still small) wiki and I thank the support of all the individuals that have provided us with a reason to continue to run this fan base.

    My original intent…

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  • Ease96

    Soundtrack Links

    March 30, 2013 by Ease96

    We've recently scoured through the Simogo blog and have organised a bunch of links to the soundtracks of their games (plus some other neat stuff!).  Check them out below!

    • Year Walk (iTunes)
    • Beat Sneak Bandit
    • Bumpy Road (Scroll down to the bottom)
    • Bumpy Road (GameBoy remix)
    • Dear Mr UFO (Kosmo Spin) by WeAreTheMassacre
    • 16Games (Scroll down to the bottom)

    You can also download them by right-clicking on the sound file!

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  • Ease96

    As we near the launch of Year Walk, I thought it would be a good idea to take a look back on Year Walk's mysteries and teasers. Here is a list of the most significant teasers and finds that the general public have discovered.

    They first began teasing us with the generally overlooked "Bumpy Road + Clear" blog post.. Simogo's weird task list did spark our suspicion, but it was generally received as another show of Simogo's warped sense of humour. And oh boy, we were so wrong.

    In a Simogo first, a new author mysteriously appeared in the Simogo blog scene, Esroh. He (or she) began to quietly take over the usual duties of Simon, creating very cryptic posts in the form of anagrams and that mysterious QR horse thingamabob. Was 'Esroh' in fact the th…

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  • Ease96

    Congrats, Simogo!

    January 11, 2013 by Ease96

    Just writing this blog post to give a BIG CONGRATULATIONS to Simogo for Year Walk's IGF nomination for 'Excellence in Visual Art.' You have worked quite hard on this project and deserve it. This nomination proves your creativity and innovation in creating quality titles, adding to the plenty of awards and accolades you have already received.

    Give a BIG ROUND OF APPLAUSE to Simogo!

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