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Bumpy Road - Launch Trailer


Bumpy Road is an iOS, Mac and Windows/PC game developed by Simogo in 2011.

Bumpy Road
Name Bumpy Road
Release Date/s May 19, 2011 (iOS)

April 12, 2012 (Mac)
May 8, 2012 (PC/Windows)

Platform/s iOS (iPhone, iPod, iPad) (App Store)

Mac (Mac App Store)
PC/Windows (Gamersgate)

Current Version 2.1
Rating 4+
Publisher Simogo


Bumpy Road is Simogo's best selling game, first released on iOS on May 19, 2011. It is an endless platformer, later ported to Mac (Mac App Store) and PC (Gamersgate).


The main Bumpy Road game is an endless plaforming level where players must obtain the highest score by travelling as far as they can. Extra points are awarded at the end of the game for the number of jumps taken, gizmos collected and picture frames obtained.

The car runs on little items called "gizmos" which are found throughout the level which will progressively fill up the car's fuel tank. When the car runs low on fuel, a noise will sound and the car will flash red.

If the fuel tank is filled to the top, a bonus level will start where players can collect as many gizmos as they can without gaps in the road. The bonus level will end when their tank reaches halfway.

The game will end when the fuel tank reaches zero, or if the car falls down a gap in the road.


Spoiler ALERT!
The information below contains spoilers relating to the game's plot. Advance at your own risk!

Another info box like this will mark the end of the spoilers.

During gameplay players can collect frames of a slideshow, which can be found in Memory Lane. Each frame represents a still-shot of the lives of a husband and wife and their only son living in France.

The slideshow, known as L'Harmonica, begins with the meeting of the man and the woman at a small cafe. Their relationship blossoms and they soon purchase a car and travel around the world together. Soon enough, they marry and give birth to a son. As he grows older, he receives a harmonica as a birthday gift from his parents and soon becomes a talented player. He graduates from university and leaves his parents. He meets a girl whom he later marries and has a child with and then the war comes, and he is placed as a soldier. He continues to play his harmonica during the war. He dies during battle, but sends his precious harmonica back home to his parents. Soon after, the boy's son celebrates his fourth birthday. The now ageing parents of the boy give his son his harmonica to play.


Development and InfluencesEdit

  • Bumpy Road inspiration
  • First Bumpy Road prototype
  • Character development
  • Early environment concept
  • Memory Lane concept image
  • Font and logo test
The game was inspired by old French movies and the keys of the piano (which ended up being the road).

The first prototype of the game's current version was created in Christmas 2010. The characters (the old man and his wife) were based upon characters from the scrapped "Auntie Cat & Uncle Hat" prototype.

Memory Lane GalleryEdit

To view the complete gallery, click here.


  • 5/5 Touch Arcade
  • 4/5 Slide To Play
  • 9.0/10 IGN

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